How To Send Requests or Assets

If we are building a site for you or you need ShiftWeb to make changes to your website, here is a quick tutorial on how to send your requests.

General Suggestions #

Here are a few general, but important things to keep in mind:

1. Emails are typically best for making requests. While phone calls can be helpful to explain more complex things, emails work better about 95% of the time. Email also allows for better record keeping and organization for requests.

2. Reference your domain name in the email subject. We manage hundreds of websites so when we receive an email with a subject “Website”, it is quite vague to us. If you insert your domain name in the subject, it quickly allows us to identify the website in question. Even if you don’t insert the domain name in the email, PLEASE tell us your domain name somewhere in the body of the email!

3. Always include a link to the page you are referencing. This keeps us on the same page, literally and figuratively. (So, how do you find the link? Every page on the web has it’s own link and you can easily grab it in the address bar of your browser, as shown here.)

4. Do not create multiple email threads for the same topic. Trust us, we love getting emails from you! But please refrain from sending multiple threads for one topic. Let’s keep the conversation in the same thread so we can easily track your request.

5. Screenshots are awesome (if applicable) as it provides detail to what you’re referencing. All computers have the option to take screenshots that you can attach to an email. Or you can use Screencast, a really awesome (and free) tool to share screenshots and even do a recorded video screen share!

6. Who to send requests to… Please email your request to these two addresses:


How to Structure Requests #

Next, let’s cover how to structure your requests in an email. We LOVE numbered lists because it breaks down each request into points that are easy to digest and reference.

Below are two examples of how you can structure your requests. As you can see, we used our site as an example to reference the pages we are requesting edits for. You will use your own site links, of course.

Example #1

Email – Edit requests

1. Homepage:

  • Edit request 1
  • Edit request 2
  • Edit request 3

2. About:

  • Edit request 1
  • Edit request 2
  • Edit request 3

3. Services:

  • Edit request 1
  • Edit request 2
  • Edit request 3

Example #2

Email – Edits

1. For the Homepage, please make the following changes here and there.

2. For the About page, please make the some changes here and there.

3. For the Services page, please do this and that.

Sending Files #

Email attachments are perfect for sending a few files. But sometimes, you’ll need to share very big files or many files that can not be sent through email. If this is the case, sharing a Dropbox or Google Drive link works great!

If possible, please make the link public so our whole team can access. If that is not possible, please share it with


That’s pretty much it! If you are still not sure, no worries. Just email us the request the best you can and we’ll let you know if we need anything else to get the job done! 🙂

And if all else fails, you are more than welcome to schedule a time to chat so we can discuss your needs!